(pictured left to right)

Andrea Jacobs – Councillor
Stuart Morgan – Councillor
Kim Baird – Chief
Russell Williams – Councillor
Laura Cassidy – Councillor
131 N. Tsawwassen Dr.
Delta, BC
V4M 4G2
Phone (604) 948-5217
Fax (604) 943-9226
SUMMARY Chief and
The Tsawwassen First Nation Council was elected in April of 2001, and will serve until March of 2003. Chief and Council
receive a mandate from the members of the community in all areas of decision making and planning.

Chief and Council meet weekly. If you would like to add an item to an upcoming agenda, please contact Ruth Kenny
during regular office hours.

First Nations Cultural Society
Chief and Council also serve as Directors for the First Nation Cultural Society. This Society was formed because there are many grants and funds that are only accessible by non-profit societies. The FNCS enables the Tsawwassen First Nation
to raise funds for cultural and educational projects and activities. The Society is able to issue Tac Receipts to donors.


  1. Wildlife, environment

Councillors Responsible: Laura Cassidy, Andrea Jacobs, Russell Williams


  1. Regulations & by-laws, public works, lands, archaeology

Councillors Responsible: Russell Williams

Economic Development:
Councillors Responsible: Stuart Morgan

Councillors Responsible: Stuart Morgan


  1. Treaty, Intergovernmental Relations, Servicing, Capacity Building

Councillors Responsible: Chief Kim Baird

Community Social Services:
Councillors Responsible: Andrea Jacobs

Community Services:

  1. Education/Recreation/Culture/Youth
    Councillors Responsible: Andrea Jacobs

  2. Justice:
    Councillors Responsible: Andrea Jacobs

  3. Membership:
    Councillors Responsible: Andrea Jacobs

  4. Employment Development:
    Councillors Responsible: Chief Kim Baird