CONTACTConst.Mike Delaney / Const. Anthony Cameron

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police – Surrey Detachment
57 Ave. Surrey, BC
V3X 1A9
Phone: (604) 599-0502
SUMMARYA Justice Committee has been established and is made up of community members, staff, R.C.M.P, members and anyone interested in the justice area. Their purpose will be: to set up informational programs such as Personal Safety; Police Identification, Firearms Control, etc. The community policing station has a variety of information on different topics. Example: If you are involved in a car accident, the volunteers have the accident report forms required by I.C.B.C. available and will assist you in filling them out. If you find a bicycle or have one stolen, you can visit the office, and all the necessary information will be recorded and reported.

If you are interested in volunteering for the community policing station or becoming involved with the Justice committee, please call Susan Miller at the band office.