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Support the Portal Project, a strategic plan for post-secondary education in Delta



Alice Guss – Director of Education
131 N. Tsawwassen Dr.
Delta, BC
V4M 4G2
Phone (604) 948-5212
Fax (604) 943-9226
SUMMARY The Director of Education is responsible for managing programs such as the TFN Preschool,
K-12 education, Adult Basic Education (ABE) and Post Secondary Education. Currently, the main objective is to secure these programs in place
for another year of operation. Future plans include a continued development of the Language Program, enhancing community participation
in educational events and creating a better understanding of the TFN’s educational services.
SERVICES Career/Post Secondary Counselling

We proivde thecommunity with advice
and counselling on career development and career training. This includes vocational and occupationsl skills training. In addition,
we will identify funding and entrance applications.

Post Secondary

As a TFN Member and Status Indian, you may qualify
for funding for post-secondary or other career training. If you are interested in pursuing a post-secondary education, please obtain a copy
of the Policies from the Education Director.


The TFN Treaty Department maintains the TFN Library. The Library is available to all community members, and is
open during regular office hours. If you require access to the Library after-hours, please contact the Treaty Department, so the necessary arrangements can be made.

Community Education and Development

In keeping with the spirit of education and training, the department will offer, from time to time, community workshops in such areas as
first aid, communications, career planning, etc. We will inform the membership well in advance of these events, and will openly welcome
any and all community members to participate. Your participation in the planning stages will ensure a useful and successful year of training. If
you have any suggestions for workshops, or just want to become involved, please contact the deaprtment during regular office hours.