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Adam North-Peigan, Director of Social Development & Health

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SUMMARYAny issue related to health and social issues are managed in this department, including;
Social Assistance, Elders programs, Community Policing, Community Health, Outreach Counselling, Recreation/Youth Programs,
Family Support & Justice.

Community Health and NNADAP (National Native Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program)

Both of these programs are for all residents of the Tsawwassen community. While the benefits for status and
Non-status/Social Assistance recipients are different, the services of the CHR and the NNADAP program are available
to everyone.


The Community Health Program provides health service such as helping you get your medical card and
providing information on all health issues. Workshops on health issues are conducted and all community
members are welcome to attend.

The NNADAP (National Native Alcohol Awareness Program) was developed to assist Native people who
wish to change their lifestyle. Assistance is available to help you get into a treatment center, and provide an
after care program either you are Native or Non-native.

The focus of this program is to meet your needs, and your input is greatly appreciated. If you have any
suggestions on workshops, please feel free to contact Adam at the office. If there is a certain topic you want
addressed, or need information, please ask.

Non-Insured Health

This program covers prescriptions, dental care, vision care for Status and Non-Status people on Social
Assistance. The program services have been explained below for your convenience. All prescriptions are
subject to approval from Health Canada.

Vision Care

If you are 18 years old and over, and are a Status Indian, you are allowed a new pair of glasses, (frames and lenses)
if two years has lapsed since your last pair of glasses. Please be aware, Medical Services only covers the cheapest
frame and that most opticians are aware of this benefit. You may have to pay the difference in price between what you
want and what Medical Services will pay.

If you are under 18 years old, you may be entitled to a new pair of glasses every year. Medical Services will assist in
repairs and replacements to your glasses under certain conditions.

Medical Transportation

If you need help in getting to an appointment, please contact the band office, and we will try to assist you.

Ambulance coverage is free to Status Indians as long as you have B.C. medical coverage. If you receive an ambulance bill,
please contact the Health Co-ordinator who will contact the proper office to ensure that you will not have to pay for
ambulance service. If you ever need Special Transportation for an operation that is not offered in B.C., approval may
be obtained from Medical Services to pay for costs.

Dental Care

This area has undergone changes (as of January 1, 1996) that may affect your visits to the dentist.


Yearly maximum of four for those under 17 years and three for those under 7 years and older consisting of:
  • one recall exam per year for those over 17; three for those over 17;
  • one emergency exam per year;
  • one minor specialist exam per year;
  • one complete exam, per live years;
  • major specialist exams need prior approval.
  • X-rays: one pan (all teeth) per ten years, two per lifetime.


One half unit of polishing for those 17 and older, an two and a half units for those under 17; four units per year of
scaling and root planing combined; two topical fluorides per year, 17 and under; preventive resins are an alternative
to pit and fissure sealants on newly erupted first and second permanent molars.


  • one crown per 3 years;
  • one post and core per 3 years;
  • one restoration per 5 years (same tooth/surfaces).

There are certain eligibility benefits and limitation for: diagnostic services, radiographs, laboratory tests, and
examinations, preventive services, restorative services, endodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics removable and fixed,
oral surgery, and orthodontic services.

For Non-Status people on Social Assistance:

You and your dependants are entitled to dental visits, prescriptions and vision care. It is important that you apply for
and have coverage through the B.C. provincial medical program (B.C. care card). If you are on Social Assistance, you are
entitled to Premium Assistance, therefore, not required to pay your monthly rate. But is important that you apply for these

For Non-Status community members:

You and your family members, (dependants) must be registered with B.C. Medical to ensure that your doctor’s visits, hospital
stays, and emergency health requirements are paid for. You may also be entitled to Premium Assistance if your yearly income
is low.