CONTACTChief Kim Baird – Chief NegotiatorLaura Cassidy – Negotiator / Treaty AdministratorJoanne Ryan – Administrative Assistant
131 N. Tsawwassen Dr.
Delta, BC
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Fax (604) 943-9226
SUMMARYThe Chief Negotiator is responsible for all aspects of TFN’s negotiations with Canada
and British Columbia. A key part of her role is planning needs for all negotiation tables. She negotiates on behalf of TFN at Main Tables and other negotiation affairs. She ensures that mandates are obtained from the community and from the Council. Kim analyses Federal and Provincial positions, and also assists in developing strategy for insuring the TFN’s interests are met. Kim regularly updates the community at band meetings.

Working under the Chief Negotiator, Laura is responsible for the department’s daily administrative tasks and assisting in negotiation affairs. Laura is responsible for overseeing and completing the
day to day activities to complete the six stages of the BC Treaty Commission process.

The department’s Administrative Assistant aides in the daily functions of the department.

Negotiations are governed by protocols that have been negotiated and agreed to by the parties under the “Openness, Information and Procedures Protocol”. Negotiations are structured in the following

Main Table

The negotiation sessions attended by the Chief Negotiators for Canada, BC and TFN. Generally these sessions are open to the public and are televised by Delta Cable.

Technical Working Groups:

Main Table Working Group (MTWG)

The MTWG is a body that negotiates and gives direction to all of the working groups and/or the side tables. The Chief Negotiators give direction to the MTWG.

Fish Technical Working Group (FTWG)

The FTWG is a non-negotiating body that collects data in relation to fish resources in the traditional territory.

Land Technical Working Group (LTWG)

The LTWG is a non-negotiating body that collects data and maps relating to crown lands in the traditional territory.

Public Information Working Group(PIWG)

The PIWG organizes public information sessions and creates and facilitates the distribution of information materials regarding TFN treaty negotiations.

Side Tables

There are no side tables at present.


The treaty negotiations cover many key issues, including land, resources, fiscal and governance. Treaty Staff works with Chief and Council, the community and the TFN Treaty Advisory Committee (TFN TAC) to develop acceptable mandates for the community.

The TFN TAC makes recommendations on mandates to Chief and Council, who then take this issue to the community for ratification. Once approved the Chief Negotiator takes this mandate to the negotiation table.