As much as Canada is amongst the countries in the world that encompass the best economies. The country’s businesses are either small or they are medium-sized organizations that consist of less than 500 employees. These companies employ more than 8.3 million workers.

At the same time, small businesses also offer a contribution of 38.4% of Canada’s gross Domestic Product GDP. This is to make sure that they offer amazing options for those who have been options for business immigration to Canada.

Moreover, Canada is a country that also praises entrepreneurship, enabling many start-ups to grow. However, according to some of the statistics, Canada immigrant-owned businesses tend to provide more jobs in the country. These businesses have been employing even Canadian born citizens and that has also boosted the country’s economy.

Even though that is the case, obviously there are industries that are performing better than the other. And for immigrants who are seeking for greener pastures and considering Canada the place to be. Well, there is a lot in store for you. And if you want to start a business in the country opportunities vary. What you need is to know which business you can start.

And for that reason, we are going to highlight some of the business opportunities that you can explore and make a lot of real money.


Canada’s agricultural sector is amongst the country’s largest industries. The agri-food sector generates more than $49 billion of the country’s GDP. This alone makes it one the most viable choice for business immigration to Canada.

Since there is high demand of workers in this occupation, it then makes it easier to find well qualified and experienced workers in positions such as:

  • Farmworker
  • Truck Driver
  • Butchers

The popular province for Agri food production in Canada includes; Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba along with British Columbia.

Accommodation and Food Delivery Services

The accommodation and food delivery Service is amongst the blooming sector in the country of Canada. Even though COVID-19 has been a setback the industry is highly expected to bounce back with many Canadians seeking to go out and have some wonderful together. There are numerous positions seeking people for them to increase production and to offer good services.

If you are planning to seek business opportunity in this sector make sure you up your game. And for those immigrants that want to be part of the winning in the hospitality industry you can make your dream come true if you apply for the best companies in the game.

As much as you can play online casino games online, you can also look for employment opportunities in Canada online and get acceptance from various companies. All you need is to make sure that you choose the one that is inline with your qualifications.  Make your stay in Canada a blissful one whilst earning money at the best accommodation and food delivery services.

In addition you can also aim to get the opportunities from newly opened companies that will be seeking a good vibrant team to kickstart.