Welcome to the
Tsawwassen First Nation.


The Tsawwassen First Nation (TFN) Reserve is loacted in Delta, BC – situated on Canada’s west coast between Vancouver and the United States border at Point Roberts, Washington. Today, the TFN has aproximately 270 members, both on and off reserve. The Reserve itself covers about 700 acres. The government system used here is the band council system, and is similar to a municipal government. The TFN has an administration staff of about 30 that offers a range of social, cultural, economic and administrative services to the community. In the past few years, many initiatives been undertaken to revive Tsawwassen’s culture. A traditional style longhouse has been constructed, a Halkomelem language program is underway and the Tsawwassen people have continued important traditional activities such as fishing.

This web site has been constructed to serve several purposes:

  • To outline sevices to the TFN community,
  • To communicate with other communities, and
  • To archive important cultural materials.